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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pictures! (Part 1)

Here is Monkey on our trip to S Carolina and Georgia! 
Such a hammy guy.
A shot at my Aunt's house.
I really miss the South.
(but it gave me a wonderful place to practice with my camera!)

Really. I miss the green. 
The desert is so...brown. And dusty.

The quilt! 
It's been done for a while now.
Isn't it adorable?
Monkey loves it, which makes me happy.
It was for baby Paige.
And a flowery headband to go with it!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


HA! My and my New Years Resolutions...they don't usually pan out. I've been thinking about you, my bloggity bloggers! And reading YOUR blogs. But mine?! Pshhht.


I have updates of all sorts. Adoption stuff, animals, birthdays, craftiness, faith, trip....How about I put it that order? It's alphabetical and everything!

Adoption: Not really a whole lot going on there. Lifetime is still presenting out profiles - we were told about a couple of expectant mothers that were interested in us, but nothing panned out. Recently, I saw a situation posted on their website that really and truly touched my soul, and have been praying about it daily. It's been nine months of waiting now - a full term pregnancy. No baby in sight. It's hard to maintain hope some days, but we're going with it. Hopefully, the baby (babies?!) that are supposed to be with us get here soon.

Animals: I have informed your that our home would be a zoo given a chance, right? I've been working on Kevin - I want to add a large bird to our family. :) I managed to find a great stainless steel cage on our local craigslist awhile back. Kevin also let me pick up a little green cheeked conure! His name is Kiwi. However, he has only fueled my desire for a bigger birdie. I have been dreaming of a blue and gold macaw since I was about 12 when I met a lovely one called Dusty. I plan to find a more suitable cage for a Mr Kiwi here (the one he is in is rather large for his size) and then to visit a rescue that is a few hours from here to (hopefully!) bring a new family member home.

Birthdays: My little T-H-R-E-E! I cannot believe this. He is SO big now - 40.5 inches tall. Takes after his Daddy and uncles for sure. He's such a little smarty pants. We had a superbly fun party with him at the gym where he does his tumbling class! (Pictures pending. Along with everything else in this post.)

Craftiness: I have acquired more yarn. Beautimous yarn. Alas, I have done not much with it. I also found lover-ly fabric and started a cathedral window quilt. LOVE IT. You will too. Like I said, pictures are pending.

Faith: I talked mucho about my journey before, and all the reading. Pretty sure that I told you about going to church.. We've been going quite regularly, actually. It's been good! Kevin and I both spoke to the Pastor separately, and decided to join...this means that I took a huge step in this journey of faith. I was baptized! In front of people! And I didn't pass out, freak out or run away! Yay me! I've still been reading TONS though - need to update that book list on the side.

Trip: Monkey and I went to S. Carolina to visit family to give Kevin time to do some things for work. We stayed about 2 weeks and had lots of fun! Our friends from DC now live in S. Carolina now, a couple of hours from my mom's house. They came down to see us! Much fun! Kat & I went to plunder a local yarn store - got drenched in the process, but what they hay.
We saw Kevin's younger sister! I took her prom shopping and found her an adorable all the accessories. This annoyed Monkey to no end, but he still had a great time.
We saw my grandfather, where Monkey pilfered LifeSaver gummies and Raisinets. Fairly amusing. While in SC, we also went to Georgia to visit my aunt & uncle, which was also tons of fun.

I plan to be back soon with lots of pictures to illustrate this post. :)

We've also got the last week of school for Monkey coming up with a super fun Water Day planned there. His gymnastics recital is in a few weeks, too! And hopefully we'll have some kind of super fantabulous adoption update soon.