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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Planning for a Baby!

We are still SO over the moon.

A baby!


It's all working out so amazingly well. It's been awesome to get to know R. She is seriously the sweetest most selfless person I have ever had the privilege of "meeting" (since we haven't met officially yet). While we've been getting to know each other, she's made me cry more than a few times. R said one thing that I will  not forget for as long as I live, and neither will our daughter. 

After reading this blog, R wrote me and said that she feels God has brought us together, and that maybe he didn't allow me to bear another child because He knew that she would need me one day. It was the most amazing, selfless, heart wrenching things I have ever heard. 

It put our wait into perspective. His timing. Not mine, or Kevin's. We waited because He knew that THIS baby girl was the one for us. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Just about two weeks ago, we got a call from Lifetime. Amie told us that there was an expectant mom who wanted to speak to us. My heart fell to the floor, and we were so excited. We scheduled the call for that same evening.

E-mom R called us and we talked for a few minutes. She almost immediately asked us if we'd like a copy of her ultrasound that she was having soon. Kevin and I were shocked into speechlessness for a few minutes - we kind of figured that it was like the prior situation, where e-mom wanted to speak to several families. It turns out that R accidentally found our profiles online, while looking for profiles from another agency. R says that she knew we were the family for her baby, and immediately contacted Lifetime. She even wanted them to tell us before they had sent her her paperwork to make an adoption plan! When R told us those things, I really almost cried. I think I did after I got off the phone.

Lifetime called us just the next afternoon and let us know that R wanted to match with us! I've not ever been so excited! I immediately had to call Kevin. He was driving home from work - and he was shocked, even though we knew it was possible.  I was kind of shocked he didn't wreck - I know I probably would have.

I truly see what I had read and heard about - that when the right situation comes, you know. I am so glad that R knew that we were the family for her precious baby. I am also so looking forward to getting know R better, and knowing that our baby will always know how much R loves her. This wait was long and emotional. And it's not over, but we're ready for what comes next.

Our Baby Girl is due on April 13, 2012!

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year! 2012

So far, the new year has been good to us.

Preschool just started back up this week. We also attended Pony Princess's birthday party at a pony ranch here! It was a lot of fun. I am very proud of myself, because part of our gift was a pettiskirt that I made for her to wear! It is purple, with a yellow ruffle. I had to fight my sewing machine, but I prevailed in the end.

 Mr Monkey, on a pony!
And the Birthday Girl herself, in her skirt! 

We are working on getting everything done for our home study update (we have to get Shaless fingerprinted and background checked since she will be staying with us during her first semester at college). We also have to get new statements from our physicians and some other minor things. I submitted the bulk of the paperwork in November, so it's just down to a few things.


December was VERY busy for us, but a lot of fun.

Kevin's sister graduated high school a semester early, and will be starting college soon. We continued to have practice for Advent Journey, which actually took place on the weekend before Christmas. Monkey had his gym recital.

We also attended the preschool Christmas performance!

(That's his best friend/girlfriend Pony Princess on the left.)

My mom came to visit us for a week at Christmas. That was an adventure in Delta losing baggage - fortunately, we got everything back and she was reimbursed the cost of the things she had to buy. Christmas was awesome. Monkey got the thing he wished for most from Santa (a LeapPad Explorer Tablet). He also got *lots* of clothes, and thank goodness because he just grew like a weed. He wears a 5T pant and a 5/6 boys shirt, simply because of his long torso and arms! He's just a bit over 43 inches tall now, which is crazy, seeing as he is only 3.5 years old. 

New Years eve was quiet here.

Also not much movement for the adoption during December. We were/are working on getting the last few things together for our home study update.


So, I took awhile off from blogging. Instead of one gigantor wall of text, I decided to just break it down into a couple of posts to catch you up!

The birth mother that was considering us (along with several other families) again, chose another family. We did hear why - and it was simply that she had more of a connection with another family. It was hard to hear, but with the holidays approaching it was easy(ish) to focus on other things.

I turned 28 Nov 19. Kevin and I started practice for our church's Advent Journey production. Kevin was a Roman Centurion leading tours from the village marketplace in Bethlehem, through several scenes (the prophet Isaiah, Mary speaking to Gabriel, Mary speaking to Elizabeth, meeting a Roman Citizen, stopping at the Inn, meeting the shepherds who saw the angels appear and finally in to the Sanctuary where the newborn King was with Joseph and Mary). I was a Bethlehem crowd person, as was our Monkey.

Thanksgiving was awesome! We cooked at home this year and had lots of yummy food. I attempted Black Friday shopping with a good friend for the first time ever. It was quite the experience, but lots of fun! I did get a few things, which helped Christmas turn out well.

Overall during the month of November, there wasn't much movement on the adoption front.