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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Friday, November 4, 2011

Holidays fast approaching...

I am finally getting over that cold, though I still sound funny. Woohoo! And can I just say that I love this time of year?!

Halloween with my one eyed, two horned monster was fabulous! We went trick or treating with some friends from Neverland (Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, a Pirate and a Pirate Princess). After we picked some  candy to stay, we put the rest outside and the Great Pumpkin took it and left a very fun "Let's Go Fishing Game!" Last year he brought us Cootie Bugs.

Next up: Breaking Dawn comes out on MY BIRTHDAY WEEKEND! (My birthday is November 19th). I know exactly what I will be doing to celebrate! After that, Thanksgiving (already planning our dinner) and getting ready for Christmas! The Nana (my mom) is coming out for Christmas this year! I am hoping that our big Santa gift will be on sale on Black Friday - if it is, I might brave the crowds.

This year, I am making some homemade gifts as well: a knit hoodie for Monkey, gift baskets for the in laws, and probably a fun movie basket or something for my brother (that he can enjoy with his girlfriend). I would tell you what I am making Kevin and the Nana, but they read here so I can't!

I also have some amazing adoption news to share!

The expectant mother that we have emailed a few times would like to speak to us! We are working on scheduling a call with Lifetime. We are so excited! And nervous! But excited! Please continue to keep her in your thoughts as she makes this difficult decision, as well as us! 

Will keep you posted!