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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Day of Swimming

Today was the last day of Monkey's two week swimming class. He had a blast for the most part. We learned to blow bubbles, be monkeys (holding on to the wall and moving down it), float on our backs, go under water, kick our legs and pull our arms.

He, however, hates the "fwoaties." We tried two floaties, but neither passed Monkey's test. I am unsure as to what this test was, but it was a definite no go. As he learned to say from the Air Traffic Controlling Daddy, it was a NEGATIVE.

Speaking of, Daddy was on hand to be the designated picture taker. This is one of my favorite shots from today.

I think he was annoyed. Why are two year old allowed to BE annoyed?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

He Turned it Off.

This morning we were all lying in the bed. (Did I tell you the new king sized bed is freaking AWESOME? No? It is.) Monkey is hugging Daddy's head.

"Mommy, I have my Daddy's head."

Daddy, trying to be informative says to him, "I can hear your heart beat!"

"I don't have a heart beep. I turned it off today."

Yeah. He turned it off.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Update, Catch Up, Catch All

Late again, that's me! I have great plans though, what with my new laptop to begin posting more consistently. With that said, let the post begin!

We had Monkey's second birthday party at a farm in Maryland. It was great! He had tons of fun with his friends and the animals. He is still talking about it three months later, which seems to be a long time for a 2 year old.

At the end of April, we moved to New Mexico....It's very different here, but seems alright so far. I have some reservations about the house we were assigned, but we are doing our best to make it feel more like home. We have a great yard though, and that is wonderful for Monkey. In between it all, Monkey is 85% potty trained! Night time is the only questionable time. He also had his first and second hair cut. I miss the curls, and he looks like such a big boy now.

I have not caught up on my crafting, but I have plans to start doing that as well. I did knit a tiny gown for a twin lost to Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. A sad thing to knit for, but I wanted her parents to have something she can where when she is finally born. I plan to finish the shorties I started (about ten rows left), and then probably post them and some longies for sale. There are no little ones in sight yet, and these are toddler sized, so I dont want to hang on to them for years. I also plan to start Christmas gifts soon, so that I can get them done and not feel rushed.