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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

VBS, the ER & Independance Day

I volunteered to be a Tour Guide for Vacation Bible School at our church. The theme this year was "Upside Down and Inside Out on Main Street." My class was the second and third graders - as a tour guide, I helped herd them from one place on Main Street to the next.

It was really exhausting, but tons of fun. I learned right along with the kiddos. Monkey was able to attend as well - his class were Firefighters! (Mine were Tourists.)

This our upside down Main Street. 
Yes, Kevin's arms (and mine!) hurt after hanging that. 
Kevin and Monkey helped build the fire truck. 
After Kevin made the ladder, I cut out the rungs.

And here is Main Street in the Sanctuary.
We also learned songs (including sign language) that infiltrated my brain for days. Luckily they were cute, and had generally good messages. The one that followed me around in my head the most was "I'll adjust my attitude - to gratitude - thank God for everything!"
As great as the week was, we did have one very rough day. Monday when Monkey and I left the church, he said his tummy hurt. He used the restroom, and I thought that was the end. On our drive home though, he was in tears off and on with pain. 

At the house, I checked his temp and found a low grade fever. Decided to get him checked, and was assured everything was fine. Came home, he took a nap. Monkey woke up with a 104 degree fever and in lots of pain again. Decided to go the ER - spent HOURS there being evaluated for appendicitis. Poor thing had to get an IV (for blood draws and a bolus of fluids) - had a bag taped on to catch a urine sample (this really, really, REALLY offended him) and then a CT scan. 

Turns out he had some swollen lymph nodes in the same area as the appendix and those were causing pain. Got home at 1:30 in the morning. He ran a slight fever Tuesday, but nothing dramatic. Slept a lot. The next day, while tired, he was totally fine.


 We had a fairly low key Independence Day here. Stayed at the house most of the day, watched a movie and played with Monkey. After his nap, we went to one of Kevin's co-workers house (with lots of people from work) who had a great view of the fireworks from his backyard! (Woohoo! No traffic to deal with!) It was fun, but we left soon after as Monkey was tired and beginning to melt down. 

Today was the first day that Monkey and I have managed to stay home and not leave the house  in two weeks. I had a lot of fun wearing pajamas. All. Day. Long. (Don't judge)