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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Officially Paper Pregnant!

A sort of interesting week!

Sunday we attended a birthday party. A little one nearby was turned 2! I stayed for a bit, but was feeling not so hot, so came home to work on painting. Kevin and Monkey stayed and had tons of fun though!

Tuesday Monkey went to school, though he had a bit of a runny nose. Wednesday, I felt like garbage (thanks, Monkey for sharing your germies!). Somehow when either of my boys share their germs, I end up sicker than they did! It's cruel and unusual. Thursday, I felt even worse even though Monkey felt better. I ended up calling Kevin and he came home and took me to the doctor. I feel much better now. :) I still sound funny though. So Thursday, we skipped tumbling class and school on Friday just to make sure we don't give anyone else this cold!

Yesterday though, we had our first home study interview! It focused on our motivations for adoption and our childhoods. We also gave the social worker a tour of our house, and our millions of pieces of paperwork. Ok, not millions, but lots. We only have three minor things to accomplish before our second interview. We need to put together all of our first aid items into a 'kit.' Then we need to put on the cabinet locks that are sitting in a drawer in the playroom. And lastly, we need a fire extinguisher. Our last bases already had them in the house, so this didn't even cross our minds. I guess the Army does things differently than the Air Force though, cause there is most definitely not one here.

Where on earth do I buy a fire extinguisher? Maybe Target has them.

So our next interview is in a week and a half. This one will focus on our marriage, careers and adulthood. Kevin and I will be interviewed separately for this one. After that, we will be mostly done with our home study. The social worker will write up her report and and we will wait for all of the background checks to come back. Once those are in, we will be officially home study approved! So, please send some efficiency dust to the various government agencies that are conducting our background checks!

Friday, we also had FedEx pick up our contract for Lifetime Adoption, LLC. We are officially contracted now! We filled out a short temporary profile so that we can start being presented to prospective birth families. We are also starting to work on our official full length profiles. Here's to hoping for a quick match!

Well, I must be off. I am going with my boys to the Aquatic Center so we can practice all of our WaterBabies skills.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Week

This week has been very busy! Kevin & I have been running around like crazy people locating and obtaining the long list of paperwork we need for our home study! It includes a laundry list of things - background checks from the city & county, proof of car insurance, proof of health insurance, fingerprints and copies of our marriage license & all three of our birth certificates.

We still need to draw a floor plan of our house and label the rooms, as well as another floor plan with details of fire escapes. It is a lot of details, but worth it in the end. Tonight was supposed to be the first interview of our home study, but our social worker had an emergency with one of her therapy clients. It's been rescheduled for Saturday afternoon!

Monkey has been doing great in preschool! He really likes going, and has lots of fun playing. I have taken to sneaking in a few minutes early and watching him play for a couple. Unfortunately, he picked up a cold and decided to share it with me. Yuck!

Kevin & I have also been working on various things around the house - stuff we started but not quite finished. Mostly this is painting. We did the bulk of all the painting when we moved in, but we never got around to the edging. A trip to Home Depot has ended the stall! I found a great thing that helps you do the edging, and it's much quicker! So far we finished the kitchen (it's yellow!) and the Monkey's bathroom (green!).

That's all I've got for now, feeling super stuffy and ready to stop looking at the computer.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quick Update

Monkey has started preschool! He is going two days a week (Tuesday & Friday). Today was his first day! The drop off went fairly well, but he was a bit upset at pick up time. Mostly because other parents were picking up their kids and he was wondering where we were!

He calmed right down though, and showed me where they were putting their footprints in paint, told me that they played outside with sand and buckets, and inside with bubbles. On the car ride home, he told me about snack time and how one of the kids went to time out (but not him, he says)and that he does like school. He wants to go back, so that is a good sign!

Thursday we are also starting a gymnastics/tumbling class! It's a Mommy & Me class, so we are both very excited. This one is once a week for an hour - it's called TumbleBugs!

In other news, our new niece was born today! She is premature, but appears to be doing well and we are very excited to meet her next time we go home.

On the adoption front: we secured a loan, and overnighted that paper work in today! The funds should be released tomorrow or Thursday, and we will send in our contract with our Adoption Facilitator by the end of the week! I also contacted our home study provider and we are having our home interview next Wednesday evening! Things are moving right along!

Overall, I'd say it's been a productive day so far!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Poem

I read this on another blog about adoption

Two Women

Two women cry into the night,
their eyes are filled with tears.
Oh God why is this happening?
I need to feel you near.
One woman sits alone in the darkness,
Decisions she must make.
She wants to do what's best for the child,
It's life she cannot take.
The other woman clings to her mate
And she doesn't understand
why they can't have a child of their own
as so many others can.
These women come from different worlds.
Their lives are miles apart.
But God would deliver the pain they felt
and heal their broken hearts.
And then one precious morning
their lives became intertwined.
Both women's prayers were answered
as they felt God's plan unwind.
One woman touched her newborn's cheek
and whispered to the babe,
"Because I love you little one,
sacrifices I've made."
With the strength she felt from heaven,
to the other woman she gave
the miracle of a baby
for her to love and raise.
The other woman looked down
at her precious baby's eyes
and thanked God for the woman
who had helped fulfill her life.
Two women pray into the night
and thank the Lord above
for the opportunity he's given them both
to feel a Mother's love.

by Lori Coleman

It touched my heart and made me cry! :) I hope you enjoy it as well.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Playgroup, Moms Morning Out, Tumblebugs

Well, things got busy here for a minute! Monkey graduated swimming lessons, and he learned lots. We plan on going to the pool this week to play and practice again.

I found a Playgroup on! We've only attended one meetup so far. It went fairly well! It was at GymMagic, where Monkey went to swimming and will soon be starting Tumblebugs! It's a parent involved preschool gymnastics class. I am trying to meet other Mom's and kids for him to play with and help him burn off some of his wild energy!

We also found a preschool/morning out thing at a church in town. He will be going one day a week for sure, possibly two (because I also want him to do Tumblebugs). Its from 9-12, so that will give me some time for myself (OMG!) and on weeks when Kevin is working afternoon/evenings, we can have some time in together uninterrupted. I think that's happened maybe five times since Monkey came along.

In other news - we're planning to adopt! We will keep you posted!