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Sunday, March 14, 2010

See? Already slacking...

Didn't mean to leave you hanging, cyberspace, but I have been busy.
Husband came home for a surprise visit and made the Monkey go crazy when he left. The good news is that he will be home to stay next weekend. On our anniversary, no less!

In my blogging hiatus, I also was working on a quilt for Monkey. The top is now done...I need to get some pics. I decided to make woolly pants into shorties instead, which means they are almost done. And I've got fabric for felt food, chalk cloth for mats, fabric for an apron....I should get sewing, huh?

On the good wife and Mommy front, I made fresh butter. Totally awesome. I've also baked almond poppy seed muffins from scratch twice, taken Monkey to play group every Wednesday and started planning a most awesome birthday party for him.

I cannot believe he will be two next month. We've almost made it to the two year mark nursing!

The party is going to be a couple of weeks early because we are moving. Did I tell y'all that? Yup, the Air Force is sending us to....drum roll please....New Mexico! We are leaving in about a month.

Horse dog came home two days ago. Her behavior was questionable, so after four months, the Great Dane is back. She misses the other family, but seems to be settling back in. The cat yells at her. It's quite funny.

Well, Monkey is begging for a banana, ironically. Must be off!

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