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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Catch Up

Apparently, I am a lot worse at blogging than I thought I would be. I think it will be my New Years Resolution to update the blog once a week. Not much consolation, but it's what I can do now.

November was National Adoption Awareness Month! It was a pretty good month here in the R house. Early in the month, Kevin bought tickets for us to see Dane Cook for my birthday! I was very excited, and wish I hadn't forgotten to take my camera. We've settled into a routine though, a new cleaning routine and one with regards to Monkey and his twice a week/half day school and once a week gymnastics class.

I turned 27 on November 19th. My mom got here to visit for Thanksgiving the day after. And the next day she watched Monkey so Kevin and I could go see Dane! SQUEE! He was funny as I don't know what and it felt good to be out and about without Monkey. It was a bit strange though. While Mom was here, we went to visit a nearby town a couple of times and White Sands National Monument. It's beautiful there. Monkey had tons of fun visiting his Nana.

On Thanksgiving, we had a couple from down the street and their son over. He's a few months younger than Monkey, and they have lots of fun playing. Mom stayed until the next Wednesday.

The next week was not as great - we found out that our beloved Great Dane, Kira, has some back, hip and knee issues. She is now on anti-inflammatory medication and such and seems to be moving around so much better.

Now it is December, which has mostly been un-eventful. Christmas is in just a few days! I am so very excited for Monkey to wake up Christmas morning. It was so magical as a child, and I can't wait to see his face. His big gifts this year are a train table and new bedroom furniture. The furniture is kind of a necessity, seeing as he is very tall like Mr Monkey and the toddler bed just isn't working anymore!

All in all, it has been very good. Next up: Adoption feelings and update.

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