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Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Foster Bird, Jack

 This is Jack. 

 He is a 14 year old Blue & Gold Macaw, whose family turned him into a rescue for a screaming problem.
Having a B&G has been a dream of mine since I was 12 years old, when I fell in love with one at a pet store. 
His name was Dusty.
I tried in vain to save up for him.

 Jack is a very sweet me. 
He tolerates Kevin.
Monkey just likes to look and talk. 

 We met him at a rescue in our state. 
Jack is only being fostered with us for awhile, because his screaming is very severe.
We hope to meet another bird, who loves us that we can provide a forever home to,
especially if Jack is not happy in our house.

He is a very silly boy though, who has lots of words, which provide us with endless amusement.
Jack answers the phones, calls "HI" and "BYE" if we aren't in the room with him.
He also asks, "Wanna go bye bye? Huh? No!"
We also hear a random, "Alright!" for no discernible reason.
Jack just started meowing. He also barks and growls, and says "Quack quack quack!"

In his first home, he was with a family that had small children. Jack can be a jealous boy, and started screaming. The children screamed back, and it turned into a terrible screaming habit. With a lot of work, the Rescue thinks that Jack's screaming can be greatly reduced. We are working with him here!
I am worried that it will turn out to be too much for Monkey especially. If it does though, this Rescue is AWESOME and I know that he will be well loved until he finds a forever family.

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