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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I know that I haven't posted much in the way of adoption updates.

Right now, there simply aren't any. That there hasn't been any activity is pretty hard some days. We've updated our website with Lifetime. They aren't in need of any profiles (though we are considering updating some minor things just to do something productive). Lifetime has suggested we add a video or an audio message to the site, but to be honest, speaking to someone I have never met seems utterly terrifying.

We're just taking life as it comes right now, remaining hopeful...Sometimes my new-found faith struggles with the wait, seeing other Mommy's become pregnant and have their babies, seeing other Hopeful Adoptive Parents meet their new bundle. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed though, right?

Monkey has been going to summer camp at his school for the past two weeks - each week is a different country! He's learned about Ireland and Chile. I have been volunteering with another Mommy from his class and doing snack for all of the camp (only about 25 kids). Next week is Vacation Bible School. Monkey is attending, and I have volunteered to help with the second grade children, taking them from one activity to the next. I will also be the photographer!

I've *really* got to take the time and update my reading list! I've read tons of books. Most of them on my handy-dandy Nook. I pretty much carry it with me at all times. Oh! Kevin & I are participating in a 12 week class at church called Beginnings. It is supposed to help believers and non-believers alike learn about themselves and Christianity. So far, pretty interesting.

Must be off now, bloggers. The Monkey is having trouble sleeping.

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  1. I was searching through a few adoption blogs tonight and was drawn to yours. I don't write on my old blog anymore (someday I will again???) but you can contact me at amberloo22 at aol dot com if you would like.

    We have had a long road and are thinking of starting an adoption process. We have been back and forth for a few years. We also have a 6.5 year old boy. We have also had a few calls of "potential" babies from someone who knows someone who knows someone etc and we live near Neola where you posted that about Mighty Max. I didn't know if you lived near that at all or not. Best of luck with your waiting and I hope to hear from you. I would love to ask you a few more questions.