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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aaaaah! Nerves and Halloween...

Have I mentioned that I love Halloween? It's one of my favorite holidays! It's also during my favorite season - FALL! Well, it's not so fall-ish here in the desert lately...but TONIGHT it was! Monkey's former teacher and friend of mine invited us to a Halloween party! Monkey is going as "a monster, wif one eye and TWO HORNS! *evil laugh!*Kevin is dressed as some random evil thing (black and red, freaky skull mask and hood). I am a vampire. A pale, sparkly vampire. Yeah, I am one of THOSE people. The ones who like love Twilight. Pics pending! (I've *really* got to download that camera soon...)

We went to the Pumpkin Festival at our local corn maze - the same one with the ducky races from last year. We've also been participating in the Lowe's Build and Grow program...Did you know that it's FREE?! I didn't. I am very glad that I've been informed, because Monkey LOVES it! We've made a Monster Machine and a Monster truck so far (both in October).

What else has been happening....oh, yes! I had to have a root canal and then the next week I was attacked by a horrible virus that had me mostly in bed for 3 days. The doctor says that the virus was likely from one of the little creatures at preschool; you see what I get for volunteering?

But I have much better news.

The expectant mom that changed her mind? She is reconsidering adoption as an option! She, her boyfriend and their daughter have been in our prayers - that they would find peace in their decision, whatever it may be. Much to our surprise, today we got an email (through the facilitator) from her! We're really excited to get to know her better and see what this situation holds for everyone! I am asking that you add them to your prayer list - guidance and a clear heart to make the best decision for themselves and their daughter!

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