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Monday, July 16, 2012

God is Thinking About It

Today, and for the past few days, 
I have been cleaning up and organizing around the house. 
Scrubbing bird cages and litter boxes

Tonight I was putting Kiwi's old cage into our garage instead
of in the room with Sneakybird. 
Monkey was out with me 
while I was cleaning outside. 
He saw the mirror that we had installed in the car, 
above the infant seat, 
so that we could see the baby from the front. 

Monkey asked, 
"Mommy, will we use that mirror?"
"What mirror, Monkey?"
"The one so I can see the baby!"
 "Well, if we get another baby we will."
"It's gonna take a long time, huh?"
"It might."
"We might not get another baby, huh?"
"We might not, Monkey. I don't know."
"No, we will! God is just thinkin' about which one. He's thinkin' everyday."
"Oh, He is?"
"Yeah. If you pray and ask about it, God will give you one."

Well, that was a conversation out of the blue. 
Made me think about it. 
I did pray regularly about it in the beginning, 
but mostly because of specific situation I saw
that touched me. 
I prayed about R and her situation as well. 
Not so much since. 
I related the conversation to Kevin tonight, 
and he said,
"You know, I haven't really prayed about it.
I was hoping, but not praying. It's crazy that
our four year old said that."



  1. The amazing faith of a child! We will join you in prayer for your baby!

  2. I've been following your story for a while and I thought this post was to sweet not to comment. It's a lot to think about coming from a young child. Hopefully you will hear good news soon.

  3. I just wanted to mention that I found my son's birth mom through an ad we placed on Craigslist with a link to our profile. I got the idea after seeing a similar ad and figured why not? Anyway, she emailed me 2 hours after we placed our ad, we met the following week, formally matched and our son was born 16 weeks later. The total for this adoption was $1600 including homestudy and legal. Worth a try, right? I'd stay far away from agencies. They're snakes.

  4. Should say $2600 total not $1600