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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pictures here, Pictures there, Pictures Everywhere!

It's been awhile since I posted, 
but I can honestly say that's because
Monkey and I have been so busy! 

We had a week of summer camp,
a week of VBS,
a visit to the zoo in El Paso, 
a birthday party, 
free movie Tuesdays,
and swimming lessons going on! 

Kevin is still away for training,
but is doing amazing at it! 
And he'll be home in just a few more weeks! 

So, I thought I would catch you all up 
on some pictures that were long promised. 

 This is Monkey at Farm Day, holding a kid. (Baby goats are adorable, people!)
 Here he is being a silly guy at his 4th birthday! 

 The table of awesome at his party! 
Banner says Super Brandon. 
We had Yoshi Eggs, Toad Pops, Ice Power,
Fire Power, Star Power, Mario Mustaches, 
Wii-mote controls, and Power Up Water. 
And cupcakes. With ice cream.
Cupcakes are awesome. 

 Another view.
I should clarify that we also had
sub sandwiches and chips.
The stuff on the table was to take home. 

 Brandon and awesome Coach Austin after the 
Summer Gym Magic Recital. 
Monkey and his classed worked their moves
to the song, 
Moves Like Jagger. 

 Sneaky being a silly bird. 
He is on his back in my hand. 

And one more from Farm Day. He wasn't thrilled
about the horse ride so much. 

Not a lot going on in other news. 
I talked to R a little bit, 
and they are doing great! 
I am glad that we still talk. 

I hope you all are having great summers,
and those of you waiting for an adoption placement 
get a match soon. 
I still wish sometimes that things had turned out different, 
but financially it is just not possible. 
I dream of making a private match sometimes,
but that is pretty much a non-existant thing. 
One day though, 
we will grow our family -

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