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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two Years

Friday marked two years of waiting to adopt.
I ignored this, didn't want to think about it.
I honestly never thought that we would wait this long.
We are ready! And have been!
But...we're still here.
No end in sight.

I wish we hadn't even tried to adopt.
I hate knowing that we were so close, more than once.
I hate knowing that legislation enacted more 
than a year and a half after we began our adoption journey
is stopping us. 

I wish that we hadn't formed a bond.
That we hadn't had a second match.
I wonder about both those babies,
their families and mommies. 

I wish that I knew how to reach out,
and get our faces and information
to a mother considering adoption,

But I don't know how. 
And I know that I get to wonder.
Are there more children in the future for our family?

I am so, so grateful that we had our Monkey.
It's still hard to slowly lose our dreams
of a houseful of kiddos.

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  1. We targeted adoption friendly states and started contacting lawyers within those states who specialized in adoption. Many attorneys will hold and show your profile for free. We waited 1.5 years with two different agencies with no luck. We were matched twice in a 5 month period by networking with private lawyers.

    Feel free to email me for more information.