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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Knowing he thinks about it too.

While looking for a baby carrier for a dear friend,
I realized I had never put the newborn 
clothes away from Baby Girl's
Doing that yesterday evening was kind of a downer,
not a break down kind --
just pensive. 
It hurts to miss what you never really had. 

Anyway, Kevin and I were talking today while
Monkey was outside riding his bike,
walking on our stone wall
and generally being four. 
We were talking about our pending move,
and if going earlier than planned 
is an option. 

But then he came over to us. 
Out of the blue,
"I don't think we're getting any more babies."
I said to Kevin, I think it is because 
his best friend just got a new little brother. 
Monkey piped back up,
"Yeah. She got her baby sister
and a baby brother. 
We get zero."
He showed us zero with fingers to emphasize. 

I guess we've got to figure out what we're going to do. 
It hurts my heart that my sweet little boy
is worrying and wondering about siblings.

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  1. Makes the Nana sad too. I want the Monkey and family to be happy.