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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So I have been working on a big project. 

I've been studying photography for the better
part of three years --
ever since I got my DSLR.
After much thought,
I bit the bullet. 

I opened up a photography business!

  This is my super awesome logo. 
It's going a bit slow getting going --
but I have had 
two newborns, 
a family, 
and I have a senior session this weekend! 

I'm pretty happy about this whole thing! 


Everything else is going well.
Monkey is growing like a weed.
We're mentally preparing for Christmas.
Planning a trip to the 
pumpkin patch and corn maze. 
Thanksgiving with some pretty awesome friends. 
Then, with those same friends, 
we are going to the 
North Pole Experience!
(The kiddos don't know yet.)

All in all, it's good. 

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