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Monday, February 18, 2013

Looking Back

Reading posts from a year ago...
We are in such a different place. 
Last year, such excited anticipation.
So close to having a baby in our arms.

Today, I saw a dress that I fell in love with.
If she were ours, it would have totally gone home with us for Easter.

But she's not.
It's weird to ponder a baby that we held
and know she's not ours.
It's much different that pondering the pregnancy that we lost.
Which is weird in and of itself.


Despite all that, 
time moves forward.
And so does the Air Force.
We are getting ready for a move - again.
This time to South Dakota.

The Monkey and I are planning to go on a 
house hunting trip in a few weeks. 
He thinks we need a house with a trampoline and a tree house.
We have a few more requirements. 
(You know, pesky things like number of bedrooms
and a not microscopic kitchen.)

I am really excited for this move.
A desert dweller, I am not.
Green grass, trees, rivers, lakes! 
It's not quite the ocean, but we have to take what we can get.


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