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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Updates and Plans

I took another long hiatus. 
Retraining, preschool, church, finances, moving. 

In March, 
Kevin and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. 
I did my best not to fall apart into 
a puddle of mush on Baby Girl's 1st bithday.
I succeeded, even if my heart ached. 
Easter was awesome.
There were no hospital visits during it. 
We did have a wonderful dinner
with our friends
(Pony Princess, Minnie Mouse, and their baby brother).

In April, 
we went house hunting!
We drove to South Dakota.
Got stuck in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a few days.
Yay, snow storm! Ha.
This limited the number of days we had to look.
There was seriously a marathon of houses.
Billions, probably. 
In the end, the day before we left --
our offer was accepted on a house!
(Pictures forthcoming.)

we spent organizing, sorting, donating, selling.
Monkey finished up his last year of preschool.
My mind was blown when it was recommended that he be put in first grade.
We've decided to homeschool.
Our solution was to do kindergarten as fast as he needs or wants too,
and move on to first grade early if called for.

The movers packed.
They took our things.
We lived on air mattress.
We were named God-Parents of Pony & Minnie's brother.
We drove.
And drove.
And some more.

Two cars.
Three humans.
2 Great Danes. 
1 Cat.
1 Parrot. 
Lots of luggage. 
A luggage carrier whose keys got packed into boxes.
It was therefore left with friends.

After a couple of weeks of chaos -
hotels, boarding animals, etc
we got into our house.
And soon after, we finally closed! 

We've had our household goods for about two weeks.
Life is settling down. 

I have lots of projects that I plan to do and share here.
Decorating, re-doing, and freshening. 
I look forward to seeing you back here.
There will also be more to come on homeschooling,
family life, and plans for our family and future children.