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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lots of Pics

Things have been a bit busy around here, but lots of fun. We are continuing with Monkey's twice a week preschool and TumbleBugs on Thursdays. It's definitely making the week more busy. I also get more things done in town during the week though, so the weekends aren't as much running around.

Last week was the second interview to our home study. It went really well- our social worker is super nice. She's really helps to put us at ease and answer questions. This interview was done seperately, and still took about two hours. Now all we are doing is waiting for our background checks to come back from the FBI and she will send our home study report - approved - to the Facilitator and us.

Right now, we are working on building our profiles to present to birth mothers. I am learning to digitally scrapbook with PhotoShop, and it seems to be going well!

Kevin and I decided it was time that we go visit the White Sands National Monument and check out the white sand. It really is neat stuff! I've been playing with my camera, so I took lots of pictures.

Sunset was really beautiful as well.

Monkey and I have also been going to watch Kevin play football for PT (physical training for all you non-military people out there). I've gotten a few shots out there as well - our profiles are supposed to have action shots of the things we like to do, so that potential birth families can have a better idea of who we are.

I believe that the other controller in this picture with Kevin accused him of having a a "bear claw that came out and attacked him."

Well now that this post is of epic proportions, I shall hop back into real life. We're off to get two more dining room chairs (and a rug that I haven't convinced Kevin that we need).

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