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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Getting Done

Cabinet locks installed - CHECK!

Fire Extinguisher hung on the kitchen wall - CHECK!

First Aid Kit in the bathroom - CHECK!

We've now done all that we can do to prepare for our last home study interview. It's next Tuesday, and after that we just wait for the background checks to come back to be done with it.

The facilitator we are using for our adoption is processing our payment as of Monday. I plan to call later today and get an update there.

I downloaded my camera to the computer with recent pictures - mostly they are of Monkey. We need to work on getting pictures of all of us, not just the kid! :)

I looked through my older photos on FaceBook and MySpace. I copied some pre-Monkey pics to my computer. I can't locate my thumb drive of all my other pictures to save my life, and I am SO bummed.

Fortunately, when I back up my pictures to a thumb drive, I also send my memory card of the originals to my mother's house. This way we do not lose our pictures in case of a disaster (fire, flood, whatever). She is sending the card back to me this week, and then I can work on going through those.

I am trying to get pictures together to work on our profiles, because the quicker they get in, the better!

Here are some of the pictures we are considering for your viewing pleasure! This is by no means anywhere near all of them, but rather some I located last night.


  1. Tell Kev to smile, sheesh, he looks so serious, and I know I've seen him laugh.

  2. Oh and i like the last two pics best.

  3. 'Cause he's smiling in those last two, huh? I have no idea why he doesn't smile for pictures a lot, because we know he is goofy.