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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season - 40 days; from now until Easter - we should reflect, mourn and repent our sins to the Lord.

I've never participated in Lent before - mostly because the churches I went to as a kid didn't. Or if they did, I didn't know, because we didn't go very often. And then as I got older, questioning faith and participating for a time in other faiths (which most definitely influence me today) I didn't have a reason to.

The church we've started attending -where Monkey goes to preschool - does follow this practice. Tonight there are Ash Wednesday services, which I have never been to. I am nervous about going, mostly because I hate going to things alone and Kevin is working tonight.

I've decided to go along with all Lenten customs, and give up something; and also to DO something. The things I won't be doing is cussing. I cuss a lot, mostly in just normal conversation. Apparently, more so than I thought, because when I told Kevin this he laughed! Actually laughed! He told me, "It's supposed to be a sacrifice, something hard; not something impossible!" Then laughed some more. Oh well. I will just show him!

The thing I am doing, I will be keeping private until the Lent season is over. I will reflect on it here after I am done.

I think I won't give up my celebrating of Life returning to Earth; spring is wonderful! I love the new plants, flowers, trees getting leaves...and I love decorating with eggs and seeing new baby animals, the most prolific of which is bunnies. We saw bunches of them last night.

What are you doing or not doing this Lent season? What will you give up? If you are not Christian, what faith do you celebrate? What are your customs for the return of Spring, and Life?

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