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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Check In

Every month, we are required to fill out a check in form for Lifetime. We update any information that has changed (none. Who moves/changes jobs/does anything that will affect the home study while adopting?); what we've done to further our adoption plan (looking for a local lawyer this month, we got referrals from our social worker); and do we have any questions.

The answer is always the same. Do we need to send in more profiles? Is there anything that we can do on our end? Have we had any activity at all?!

We are good on profiles this month. We haven't had to send in more after our original 50.

It was suggested that we consider adding audio or video to our website. We are considering this, but it's kind of nerve wracking! What does one say in an interview to a faceless person that we have never met who is trying to make a humongous decision for a precious baby?

SOMEONE INQUIRED ABOUT US JUST LAST NIGHT! Lifetime has sent this mother, bless her heart, the paperwork and things for her to fill out. If she does make an adoption plan, we've at least made a blip on her radar!

I hope that we hear something. I find myself saying a quick prayer before I look at the Caller ID before I answer the phone! We are both waiting on pins and needles for this to happen for our family. I've had lots of dreams, all different scenarios and people, about meeting our second child.

I hope it is in His plan to happen soon.

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