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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Officially Paper Pregnant!

A sort of interesting week!

Sunday we attended a birthday party. A little one nearby was turned 2! I stayed for a bit, but was feeling not so hot, so came home to work on painting. Kevin and Monkey stayed and had tons of fun though!

Tuesday Monkey went to school, though he had a bit of a runny nose. Wednesday, I felt like garbage (thanks, Monkey for sharing your germies!). Somehow when either of my boys share their germs, I end up sicker than they did! It's cruel and unusual. Thursday, I felt even worse even though Monkey felt better. I ended up calling Kevin and he came home and took me to the doctor. I feel much better now. :) I still sound funny though. So Thursday, we skipped tumbling class and school on Friday just to make sure we don't give anyone else this cold!

Yesterday though, we had our first home study interview! It focused on our motivations for adoption and our childhoods. We also gave the social worker a tour of our house, and our millions of pieces of paperwork. Ok, not millions, but lots. We only have three minor things to accomplish before our second interview. We need to put together all of our first aid items into a 'kit.' Then we need to put on the cabinet locks that are sitting in a drawer in the playroom. And lastly, we need a fire extinguisher. Our last bases already had them in the house, so this didn't even cross our minds. I guess the Army does things differently than the Air Force though, cause there is most definitely not one here.

Where on earth do I buy a fire extinguisher? Maybe Target has them.

So our next interview is in a week and a half. This one will focus on our marriage, careers and adulthood. Kevin and I will be interviewed separately for this one. After that, we will be mostly done with our home study. The social worker will write up her report and and we will wait for all of the background checks to come back. Once those are in, we will be officially home study approved! So, please send some efficiency dust to the various government agencies that are conducting our background checks!

Friday, we also had FedEx pick up our contract for Lifetime Adoption, LLC. We are officially contracted now! We filled out a short temporary profile so that we can start being presented to prospective birth families. We are also starting to work on our official full length profiles. Here's to hoping for a quick match!

Well, I must be off. I am going with my boys to the Aquatic Center so we can practice all of our WaterBabies skills.

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