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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This Week

This week has been very busy! Kevin & I have been running around like crazy people locating and obtaining the long list of paperwork we need for our home study! It includes a laundry list of things - background checks from the city & county, proof of car insurance, proof of health insurance, fingerprints and copies of our marriage license & all three of our birth certificates.

We still need to draw a floor plan of our house and label the rooms, as well as another floor plan with details of fire escapes. It is a lot of details, but worth it in the end. Tonight was supposed to be the first interview of our home study, but our social worker had an emergency with one of her therapy clients. It's been rescheduled for Saturday afternoon!

Monkey has been doing great in preschool! He really likes going, and has lots of fun playing. I have taken to sneaking in a few minutes early and watching him play for a couple. Unfortunately, he picked up a cold and decided to share it with me. Yuck!

Kevin & I have also been working on various things around the house - stuff we started but not quite finished. Mostly this is painting. We did the bulk of all the painting when we moved in, but we never got around to the edging. A trip to Home Depot has ended the stall! I found a great thing that helps you do the edging, and it's much quicker! So far we finished the kitchen (it's yellow!) and the Monkey's bathroom (green!).

That's all I've got for now, feeling super stuffy and ready to stop looking at the computer.

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