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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Quick Update

Monkey has started preschool! He is going two days a week (Tuesday & Friday). Today was his first day! The drop off went fairly well, but he was a bit upset at pick up time. Mostly because other parents were picking up their kids and he was wondering where we were!

He calmed right down though, and showed me where they were putting their footprints in paint, told me that they played outside with sand and buckets, and inside with bubbles. On the car ride home, he told me about snack time and how one of the kids went to time out (but not him, he says)and that he does like school. He wants to go back, so that is a good sign!

Thursday we are also starting a gymnastics/tumbling class! It's a Mommy & Me class, so we are both very excited. This one is once a week for an hour - it's called TumbleBugs!

In other news, our new niece was born today! She is premature, but appears to be doing well and we are very excited to meet her next time we go home.

On the adoption front: we secured a loan, and overnighted that paper work in today! The funds should be released tomorrow or Thursday, and we will send in our contract with our Adoption Facilitator by the end of the week! I also contacted our home study provider and we are having our home interview next Wednesday evening! Things are moving right along!

Overall, I'd say it's been a productive day so far!

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