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Monday, February 28, 2011

A Nook & Some Faith

Kevin - wonderful husband that he is - bought me a Nook Color!

I am very excited. As I mentioned before, I *love* to read. Devour books. For example, yesterday when we were at Barnes & Noble (when Kevin bought said Nook), I read "Heaven is For Real," by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. It's a really great book, about a little 4 year old called Colton. He came out of a very serious surgery with an amazing story about having visited Heaven. It's remarkably in line with a couple of other books I have read about similar things - "90 Minutes in Heaven" by Don Piper and "The Boy Who came Back from Heaven: A Remarkable Account of Miracles, Angels and Life Beyond This World" by Kevin & Alex Malarkey."

*Side note - I have really been drawn to these books the last few months. Not sure why, but they have helped me find footing in faith again. I should mention that I now believe this journey of mine - back to faith in Christ - began with hearing about this amazing artist called Akiane. Oddly enough, she is mentioned in "Heaven is For Real."

*Side side note - I even started going to church. For me, this is truly momentous. I would feel panicky even setting foot in a church because of a childhood incident. I believe that some things I dealt with in childhood became the root of my waning faith; what eventually became a lack of faith and then a series of long steps that led me to learn about other faiths before I could begin to find where I fit. I am just now finding it, but it feels good so far.

Another odd fact - I read the two other books I mentioned while I was in the book store. Which brings me back to the Nook! Kevin feels that this is an investment in his sanity, I think. I collect books. Two bookshelves are filled; there is a box full in the spare room and my nightstand is piled quite high with books. Now that I can store these on my magical Nook, I think he hopes I will not be bringing home a new book or two a week!

I've mentioned the books that have touched me the most recently, but I have several authors that I read rather...passionately. Christine Feehan for instance - I love all of the series that she is writing. I buy them the second I see them, usually. And Kim Harrison's 'The Hollows' series. I love Nora Roberts as well. And of course, Twilight. Truthfully, that list does not begin to cover the authors I read and books I have. I could go on and on and on.

But now...Now I can get them for a lower price, carry them ALL with me, and my Nook is smart enough to remember my pages in all of them. Plus they have Free Book Fridays. What more could I want?!


  1. I love my Nook and have been wanting to read that book about the boy who went to heaven!

    Right now I'm reading "Same Kind of Different as Me" and although I have been really lacking faith for the last year or two and hate most emotionally driven books, this book has really moved me spiritually and *almost* makes me want to go to church. (No promises, though.)

    I'm wondering if it's a "lend me" book--if it is and you're interested, maybe I can "lend" it to you?

  2. I just checked that book out - it sounds great! I'd love it if you could "lend" it to me...You do know how it works to lend, right? (Cause I don't).

    The book about the kid going to Heaven was actually really good - and a quick read, since it's not too long.

    And I am totally getting addicted to the Nook - I just read Baby Catcher (awesome) and Scent of the Missing (about a search-and-rescue dog)! It's lendable (yes, that's a word) too, if you're interested!