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Lilypie Waiting to Adopt tickers

Friday, January 6, 2012


So, I took awhile off from blogging. Instead of one gigantor wall of text, I decided to just break it down into a couple of posts to catch you up!

The birth mother that was considering us (along with several other families) again, chose another family. We did hear why - and it was simply that she had more of a connection with another family. It was hard to hear, but with the holidays approaching it was easy(ish) to focus on other things.

I turned 28 Nov 19. Kevin and I started practice for our church's Advent Journey production. Kevin was a Roman Centurion leading tours from the village marketplace in Bethlehem, through several scenes (the prophet Isaiah, Mary speaking to Gabriel, Mary speaking to Elizabeth, meeting a Roman Citizen, stopping at the Inn, meeting the shepherds who saw the angels appear and finally in to the Sanctuary where the newborn King was with Joseph and Mary). I was a Bethlehem crowd person, as was our Monkey.

Thanksgiving was awesome! We cooked at home this year and had lots of yummy food. I attempted Black Friday shopping with a good friend for the first time ever. It was quite the experience, but lots of fun! I did get a few things, which helped Christmas turn out well.

Overall during the month of November, there wasn't much movement on the adoption front.

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