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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Just about two weeks ago, we got a call from Lifetime. Amie told us that there was an expectant mom who wanted to speak to us. My heart fell to the floor, and we were so excited. We scheduled the call for that same evening.

E-mom R called us and we talked for a few minutes. She almost immediately asked us if we'd like a copy of her ultrasound that she was having soon. Kevin and I were shocked into speechlessness for a few minutes - we kind of figured that it was like the prior situation, where e-mom wanted to speak to several families. It turns out that R accidentally found our profiles online, while looking for profiles from another agency. R says that she knew we were the family for her baby, and immediately contacted Lifetime. She even wanted them to tell us before they had sent her her paperwork to make an adoption plan! When R told us those things, I really almost cried. I think I did after I got off the phone.

Lifetime called us just the next afternoon and let us know that R wanted to match with us! I've not ever been so excited! I immediately had to call Kevin. He was driving home from work - and he was shocked, even though we knew it was possible.  I was kind of shocked he didn't wreck - I know I probably would have.

I truly see what I had read and heard about - that when the right situation comes, you know. I am so glad that R knew that we were the family for her precious baby. I am also so looking forward to getting know R better, and knowing that our baby will always know how much R loves her. This wait was long and emotional. And it's not over, but we're ready for what comes next.

Our Baby Girl is due on April 13, 2012!

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  1. I hardly "know" you but this post brought me to brought me back to when we got the call about our daughter, girls are the best!! Congrats friend...I'm do excited and happy for you!

    And yes, you just know when it happens!