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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Planning for a Baby!

We are still SO over the moon.

A baby!


It's all working out so amazingly well. It's been awesome to get to know R. She is seriously the sweetest most selfless person I have ever had the privilege of "meeting" (since we haven't met officially yet). While we've been getting to know each other, she's made me cry more than a few times. R said one thing that I will  not forget for as long as I live, and neither will our daughter. 

After reading this blog, R wrote me and said that she feels God has brought us together, and that maybe he didn't allow me to bear another child because He knew that she would need me one day. It was the most amazing, selfless, heart wrenching things I have ever heard. 

It put our wait into perspective. His timing. Not mine, or Kevin's. We waited because He knew that THIS baby girl was the one for us. 

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