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Monday, April 9, 2012

Prayers for Monkey, please

Poor little guy has had a rough week. 
He'd had a cough and fever that would go away and make a reappearance for about a week. 
We decided on Friday night when he worsened again that we'd have him seen on Monday.

He had other plans.
On Easter Sunday, we went to church
(he looked adorable). 
He asked to go to the park afterwards,
but when we got home to change he asked to go to bed instead.

I noticed he had rapid, shallow breathing
so I woke him.
He was in tears, holding is left side saying that it hurt to breathe.
We came to the ER,
and had lots of tests which showed he had a lot of abdominal pain as well.

After x-rays, throat cultures, flu tests, RSV test and a CT scan
the doctors found he has pneumonia in his lower left lung
and mesenteric adenitis.
He was admitted last night,
and seems a good bit better today.

If we have a good night in regards to pain control, 
and get him drinking enough to stay hydrated without an IV
then we might escape the hospital in a day or two. 
Right now, his pain seems to be getting worse,
and we're waiting to see if Motrin is going to help. 
If it doesn't, we'll be moving on to morphine,
which would probably keep us here through tomorrow.

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