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Monday, May 21, 2012

A Match?!

Lifetime called us today! 
I actually didn't even realize that I had missed a call, 
until the stupid voicemail icon wouldn't get off of my screen! 

I called back as soon as I got the message. 

An expectant mom chose us.
I'll call her S here. 
The baby is a boy. 
Due August 5. 
I was told that she found us on Lifetime's website, 
and that we were it for her baby boy. 
They sent her paperwork,
and she called back to make sure that we hadn't been matched in the meantime, 
because she didn't want to work with another family!  

I don't know what to think!
Part of me is ecstatic, and so happy.
Another part is terrified. 
I do not think I can go through 
another failed adoption. 

We spoke to a lawyer,
who told us that our state has changed it's laws,
and this is a problem for us. 
They've made it illegal
to work with adoption agencies 
outside of this state. 

We have to make a decision on this almost immediately. 
Moving forward with this situation
will mean that we file a petition
with the courts immediately 
to try and and get around this law.
It would be argued that
A) It's unconstitutional.
B) That we signed a contract nearly two years ago with the adoption 
facilitator who is licensed in California. Why should this 
new law HERE and NOW affect us?
C) That before this law went into affect, 
we had a failed adoption.

In effect, the state is punishing us because we chose to use a facilitator, 
outside of the state, 
and had a failed placement. 

The judge could rule against us, and say that we can't go through with it. 
If it is granted, and the baby is born, 
and the adoption is finalized;
the case could still be appealed. 

We are still recovering financially. 
This would be really hard financially. 
This will be really hard emotionally. 
What if the judge allows it, 
or the law is overturned, 
only for the placement to fail?
There are never any guarantees, 
I get that. 
Believe me. 

I had no idea
that this much of me would be ripped open
and potentially put on display. 
I want this to be it. 

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  1. Girlchild, our god does not give easy choices, if he did we would not grow the way we should. these choices are hard because you are capable of making and then living with that choice. You are far stronger than I am. you make me proud with all that you have done and been through. once again you are faced with a very tough call, through your own prayer and introspection you will make the right one again. Love you