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Monday, May 28, 2012

Starting to Get Ready

At first, I was super bummed out
about the things I had 
been given....
But then I went through everything,
and realized that
except for the totally awesome
with custom made buttons from
and the yarn from DiscoBaby Knits
is very gender neutral,
and will totally work for a

I have things knit up
(which was meant for a boy, but I like it for both genders),
Nurturing Threads Iced Giraffes. 

I am not sure what I plan to do with 
the romper 
(which was knit with yarn from Western Sky Knits)
or the DiscoBaby Knits yarn.
They're SUPER girly.

All of the diapers I got will work...
but not the covers. 
Have to get some boyish colors.
And we saved some clothes from Monkey,
but only things we really loved.
Plus, the seasons are off. 
Monkey is an April baby....
I guess some serious selling will 
start happening soon. 

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