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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Been Gone

Because sickness has been making it's rounds.
After Monkey got better, 
the universe apparently decided it was my turn.

Female issues that NO ONE wants to know about, 
(trust me). 
And then Monkey had a well visit -
but given his recent hospital stay, 
this traumatized him.
And now I am getting over the flu!
Yucky, yucky, yucky.

We were also slightly busy. 
The Nana came to visit. 
This was originally planned to meet 
Baby II,
but the tickets were already bought
and she had promised Monkey that she would be here
for his 
so she came anyway.

The party was awesome, but as you may imagine,
I haven't downloaded the pictures yet. 
 (I really should get better at that, no?
One day.)

Monkey is taking swimming lessons this summer.
We are only two lessons in,
but he seems to be doing well.
The first was hardest,
but after this last one,
he even asked to go back. 
We'll see on Monday. 

Kevin is leaving in two weeks.
Buy our guesstimation, 
he will be gone until early August. 
Luckily, only to Texas.
We'll still be able to talk frequently. 
However, I am glad that I am not going. 
I don't know that I would like to see
San Antonio again right now. 
Mentally, I had planned for a visit 
with R during this time. 
Clearly, not necessary. 
Still, would rather not think about it. 

On the adoption front, 
I need to update our profiles.
Lifetime says they are running low. 
I might do that this week 
so that we can get them out 
before Kevin leaves. 

As a matter of fact,
that will be my goal.


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  1. You can do this cousin. Dont give up! God will bless you soon enough. I have faith you should too. I love you! If you need anything let me know!