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Monday, March 19, 2012


Our journey was pretty uneventful. We stopped just about half way through on Friday night and got here on Saturday, March 17.

When we got here, R was at the hospital getting checked out. Nothing to report, but she didn't feel too hot, so we checked into our hotel room and got settled.

My cell phone rang at 1:40 am! R was calling to tell me that she was at the hospital, and was dilated to a four. By the time I got upstairs to her room, she was a seven. She got her epidural, and baby girl was  born just a few minutes later! 

She made her arrival at 6 pounds, 7 ounces and 18 inches long! I went with baby to the nursery, and came back with R as she was moved to a post partum room for the duration of their stay. All of the nurses were supportive of both of us and R's adoption plan. 

I left the hospital around 6 am and tried to get some sleep. R asked me to come back at visiting hours and to bring Kevin and Monkey to meet the baby, so I did. We all spent some time with R & baby. Monkey held her, and asked to take her home immediately. He told me it wasn't fair that he couldn't. :)

Monkey and Kevin left to run some energy off, and R asked me to hang out for awhile. I did; and fed and changed the baby. Later in the afternoon, Monkey and Kevin came back for a few minutes. The hospital social workers came to chat with R and myself about the adoption plan. Soon after, we left to get some sleep and so that R could get some sleep. She sent the baby to the nursery. 

R called me about 6:30pm to say that she was awake and wanted some company. Since it was later, and almost bed time for Monkey, only I went up to the hospital. Fed and changed the baby, lots of holding by both R and myself. I had a bit of time with just the baby as R took a shower. 

It was super late, around midnight, and R asked me what time I was coming back in the morning. I asked her what time she wanted me back, and if I should bring the guys. She told me yes, and to be back for visiting hours at 8am!

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