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Friday, March 23, 2012

Not So Bad

Today has been pretty good! 
It was great to sleep in our very own beds. 

I went to see The Hunger Games today with my sister-in-law.
I really loved the trilogy, 
and was pleasantly surprised to see the movie was actually fairly close. 

I then went shopping! Yay!
Bath & Body Works for some body wash since I lost mine. 
And got some new air fresheners for the car.
Target since I lost my shampoo too. :)

Kevin went to a co-workers going away lunch with Brandon.
Now Brandon is playing at the park with the coworkers wife and kids,
while Kevin plays golf.
He's kind of a dork like that. 

Now I am watching 27 Dresses because I can.
No one is here to tell me to watch cartoons! 

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