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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Broke the Computer

Yes, again.
It was the keyboard and motherboard,
 and there is still debate as to whether it will be cost-effective to fix it.

But I have lovely friends who let us borrow one while this is determined!

On to better topics!

Everything is coming together quite nicely at here! We've got a cradle set up in our room. I've washed all the newborn clothes that we've acquired and been loaned. They're ready to be packed.
We have an infant car seat downstairs waiting to be strapped into the van.
Yesterday, my lovely friend (same one!), Evie, threw me a baby shower with a bunch of ladies from the preschool and church!

There was a yummy cake, shaped like a rubber ducky with the baby's first intial on it. I made my mom's punch (super easy and SO YUMMY, people). Angie made some baby themed candies. I was made to wear a pink hat that said "Mom-to-Be" on it. Baby Girl got a few outfits, pacis, a tutu, socks that look like ballerina slippers, a crocheted bib/booties set, onesies, bottles, some other stuff that I am sure my brain is not recalling. We also got a gift card to Target, which I That got her headbands, another sleeper, bottle brush, nipple basket and some other small things!

There were a couple of fun activities - the guests tried to guess the babies' name. We gave them the initials, GCR. (R being our last name) There were a few close guesses! They also tried to predict the baby's birth date, time, and weight, so the verdict is out on who won that one. It's your turn now! Guess away in the comments!

Evie took the pictures, so I will have them soon and share with you.

I had been feeling quite anxious and un-prepared, but that's all gone away now! Everything except our suitcases are ready to go. We are planning to leave to drive to Houston on March 17th to go meet R in person and wait for Baby Girl to make an appearance! I am so excited to meet R and give her a great big hug!

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